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Queue System NT-770

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Queue system can be used anywhere, if there is a line of people waiting to be served. The system consists of 3 main devices.

Ticket dispenser (Issue tickets)

Display Panel (displays serving number)

Teller Monitor (calls next customer)


Customers select the service and take a ticket issued by Ticket dispenser, and then wait comfortably in a lobby area until called.

A teller calls next customer by pressing the button on Teller Monitor, and the ticket number is displayed on Display Panel. The system eliminates disorder,


NT-770(Ticket dispenser)

-Dispenses a ticket in sequence by simple tapping on the screen.

-Displays waiting number and counter.

-10.4 inch touch screen type dispenser.

-Shows advertisement in still images or video clips.

-Uploads new or revised images and advertisement easily by connecting with USB.

-Ticket can be customized to include a greeting, waiting time and other important information.

-Ticket is issued based on the specific service that each customer desires.

-Can select among different categories of service.


Display Panel (DPS-104)

-10.4 inch LCD display

-Displays a ticket number to be served.

-Direct customer to the counter by displaying an arrow.

-Show advertisement in still images or video clips.

-Install on table or ceiling.

-Call next customer with melody or voice recording.


Teller Monitor(TM-800)

-Call or recall next customer by pressing a button.

-Display ticket number, waiting number, and waiting time.

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